How much money can I earn on MyHornyBook?

You could earn an estimated EUR per month*

* Estimation based on the fact that only 5% of your followers subscribed. (Does not include payment processor fees)

* Includes the 10% platform fee

Remember that the simulator only counts the subscription. All other sales would be added to this estimate.

Up to 14% more PROVEN ✅

Creators make profits of up to 95% Get a paycheck and not waste your money anymore!


Monetize content such as personalized photos or videos. Make your live shows more exclusive or private shows and put a price, video calls, pay per view or personalized greetings. Receive tips, commissions for referrals or cash prizes that we are raffling. And on the other hand, you have your own online store, where the sales possibilities are endless.


Share your referral link with all the people you want and earn 5% of the first thing these people bill, whether it is a subscription, a tip, a pay per view or any content they sell in their online store. We recommend putting the link on Social Networks for better performance and increase in your subscribers.


You have a wide range of possibilities to monetize content of all kinds and with the lowest commission on the market. Only 10% compared to 20% 30% 40% charged by other content sales platforms. Withdraw your earnings comfortably in your bank account, PayPal or Bizum. No questions asked and no long waits.


Everyone earns money by working, but few while they sleep

If you want to get where most people DO NOT GET, you need to do what most DO NOT DO

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Everything you need to know to be a good creator and earn money with your content

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